Vidal Sassoon Training Weekend!

Lindsay is the owner of Heiress, and she makes sure that her staff puts out quality work. Working behind the chair keeps her very busy but she makes sure that there is always some time set aside for training.

” I want our team to have common standards and use language that we all understand. ┬áTaking a variety of different classes by different companies can cause confusion and contradictions. The idea of everyone being in sync and always refreshing our knowledge of fundamental cutting techniques is important to my stylists.”

Lindsay proposed a Vidal Sassoon training session. Heiress and the staff did some fund-raising and got the five stylists to San Francisco.

Vidal Sassoon teaches precision cutting, which is the foundation of a good haircut. It’s like the foundation of a house. Without the foundation your house will collapse. By perfecting the fundamentals of hair cutting our stylists can create precision cuts which will hold their shape and have longevity.