Why Aveda?

Shop AvedaAveda is a global environmentally pioneering company founded in 1978, widely recognized for its nature-based products for hair, skin, body and well-being.

Aveda offers more than 700 pure flower and plant based lifestyle products including single plant aromas, unique plant perfumes and compositions of freshly distilled essences for hair, face, skin and body, the finest bath and massage products, aroma candles, and organic tea. Aveda’s full spectrum customized colour line was built with a conscience too. It’s up to 96% naturally derived using plant power instead of petrochemicals and no guarantees no animal testing. All packaging is post and pre-recyclable.

In addition to Aveda’s commitment to the environment, its partnerships with many third world countries create jobs and grows social awareness worldwide. During the holiday season Aveda partners with Nepal as our holiday gift paper suppliers. This results in the creation of over 4,900 jobs for the Nepalese and protecting 34,000 acres of forest as the paper is made from Lokta Bark.

For more information on Aveda and it products please visit the Aveda website.

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